And then this came into my life!

Taught me a lot about what it feel like to live with no choice. How to ignore all feelings of despair and live on. OMG what a human being! Graciousness of accepting help without lowering ones pride. Blessed to know her.


After nations, the second great disease is religion, because they have been fighting, they have been killing, and for reasons in which nobody is interested.

Christianity is the first religion to create in people’s mind the idea that war too can be religious.. And Mohammedanism and other religions have followed, slaughtering each other in the name of God.

I say, war as such is irreligious . There cannot be anything like a crusade, a jihad, a holy war! If you call “holy” then what is left to be called unholy?

Who is interested in God except the Priests?

i have never come across a man who is really interested in God. If you offer him five dollars in one hand and God in another, he will take the five dollars and he will say “God is eternal, we will see later on. For the moment five dollars will be helpful”.

But the priests are interested, because God is their business, and they want their business to spread.


People who hurt me were taken out by Him. One was found dead in his apartment after 3 days. I never wished it. But that is His justice I suppose. The one I wish is still walking around. I am also being punished by Him for my follies. That evens things out I suppose.


I cannot be a brilliant person. I have done so many mistakes in my life to be branded brilliant.

Time to reflect on life. Almost 44 years to reflect on. Suddenly realised that I have spent more years outside India. How  could that be? How could so many years pass by without being noticed? How could I lose so many close to my heart. My son, mom, both sisters!

Want to have drink. At 12 noon you idiot? What about people you love who cannot have drink to bury their sorrows at high noon? What will they do? They swallow their pain and get on with life.

Pieces of happiness

My old friend Kalam is gone. They buried him yesterday evening. In Arundati Roy’s words, what remains is a Kalam shaped whole left in the universe and the unfolding memories of a bygone era.
We drift away from people close to us. We store pieces of happiness away for future use and then forget to use them. Life is full of forgotten pieces of happiness. When we remember they are lost for ever!